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Strategic Projects

Many small businesses and nonprofits are growing, and need help in managing that growth, especially in the field of information technology. With our exclusive nonprofit all-in-one service, your next strategic IT project will have built-in expert consultants already on board.

What is a Strategic IT Project?


A strategic IT project is a temporary endeavor to create a unique product, service or program that requires a technological backbone or core. An example might be the opening of a new office or computer lab. Project attributes include:

  •    Unique Purpose

  •    Temporary effort – has a start and finish

  •    Resources are required

  •    There is uncertainty and complexity

  •    Outside stakeholders

  •    Alignment with organizational strategy

Projects will typically require extended resource time, coordination across multiple teams, and capital expenditures. In our experience a project typically performs one or more of these functions:

  •      Develops a new system or service

  •      Improvements to a system or service

  •      Improves business processes or introduce new ones

  •      Builds or enhances infrastructure

  •      Applies new technology

  •      Upgrades enterprise applications

How Can We Help?


We provide the expertise to ensure your IT needs are considered and implemented effectively into your project. We will serve on the committee, attend meetings and provide guidance so that you are able to deploy your project effectively and efficiently. And, we'll take all the guesswork out of the decisions related to your hardware and software. We make sure that everything works together to get your project up and running on time and under budget. And we do it as part of our all-in-one service. No extra fees for our time or help. That's how we demonstrate our commitment to you and your cause.

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