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Why Choose Morrison IT Solutions?

Since our founding, small organizations  have come to depend on us for our expertise, quality, and customer service. We’ve worked with founders, owners, executive directors, board chairs, volunteers and staff from a range of fields to keep them up and running smoothly, and thereby transform the way they work. Here are a few of the reasons why.


All in One Service. Our exclusive small business/nonprofit package is an all in one service that is based on the size of your technology needs. So if you have an office with only 3 computers, you don't pay for 12 or 20. Your price is scaled to fit your specific needs. And all of the services we offer are covered under one low, monthly fee. Everything is done for you for the same price. Easy to budget for, and no ups and downs in your monthly invoice.


We Make it Personal. When you work with us, you can count on personalized, one-on-one service every step of the way. We earn your trust by being responsive, intuitive and honest. We earn your respect by delivering on time and on budget. We built our reputation on exceptional customer service. We take pride in showing you the difference it makes.


We Have the Experience. Our onsite technicians have the background to handle even your most complex IT needs. And if they can't solve your problem immediately, they can tap into a vast network of resource and get answers quickly and efficiently. Nothing gives us greater pride than seeing our clients delighted with the work we’ve done together. Our client studies are solid proof of all the different ways we’ve helped people collaborate, work, and succeed.


Other Small Businesses & Nonprofits Trust Us. We’re proud of the company we keep. Many area organizations choose Morrison IT Solutions to transform the way they work. This doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels. We keep raising our standards of quality, innovation, craftsmanship and customer service so we continue to earn the trust of every client we work with.


We Stand On Our Values.  We care deeply about the people we serve and the organizations they represent. It stems from a set of uncompromising brand values that guide us in everything we do. It’s why we believe in people-first design, working collaboratively, and sweating the details so we can find new ways to ensure you are able to fulfill your mission and have less down-time and frustration.

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