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How We Work

We are not your typical IT Company. Our solutions are born of over 30 years experience in the small business and nonprofit sector. In the trenches. Sleeves rolled up and figuring it out. On our own.

We now bring that vast experience to you so that you can avoid all the frustration and heartache we went through. And we do it all for one low monthly fee. Everything included.

We schedule regular visits at each location we are managing (and remote monitoring at some, too), and perform routine maintenance and system checks to ensure everything is running smoothly. And, when it is not, we get it back to normal. Whatever it takes. If the PC is not working, we repair it. If the network has crashed, we resurrect it. If the printer is not communicating with the computer, we get them talking again. We ensure the virus protection and malware software are doing their jobs and update them when needed. We also regularly clean out all the junk from your systems that slows down your operations, and causes you to make that "arrrrrrr" face. And when you've got an upgrade you need to make, or an expansion to your network, we handle that as well. It's an all-in-one, done for you service. So, you can concentrate on your business and mission. You won't find that with other IT companies. But, it's at the heart of how we work.

Administrative Offices

We understand your administrative office is usually the hub of your organization. So we typically start there and make it our priority when visiting. We get to know your staff and volunteers, and become a part of your team. After a while, we blend right in, and become invisible. And that's the way we like it. 

Classroom Platforms

Many nonprofits (and some small businesses, too) have classrooms or training centers where clients and volunteers put their technology to the test. It's essential these centers are maintained and always work so that the people using them don't have a problem getting done what they need to do. We include classroom platforms in our maintenance plan too, if you so desire, and can include them in our monthly fee. Just let us know when we do our initial evaluation of your organization.

Mobile Devices

The increasingly wired-world means that more and more staff and volunteers are using mobile devices. Sometimes, those devices need to communicate with your office or classroom network. We'll help set up your mobile devices so they do whatever you need them to do in the most efficient way possible. And when they are personal devices, like a cell phone, we make sure they are configured not to bring an accidental virus or spam into your setting. You just want your technology to work. We understand that. And, that's why we are here. To ensure it does.


Although we can typically ward off most emergencies during our monitoring and visits, when something unexpected happens, we are there for you. Period. No ifs ands or buts. Depending on the nature of the emergency, you won't even incur a bill for it. What other company can say that? Of course, if it's catastrophic, God forbid, we may need to call in some additional help, and will have to charge you for it. But, wherever possible, we work to protect your interests, and your budget. We don't want you to incur any unnecessary expenses.

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